Restaurants- There isn’t much selection immediately near Snowbird and Alta outside the resort restaurants, so you may want to travel down the valley for additional restaurants. If you’re planning on buying alcohol yourself for the room, be advised that grocery stores will not carry any beer above 4% by weight or 5% by volume. For anything stronger, you will need to buy it at a state liquor store, where it will be room temperature. More details about our liquor laws here.  Also, if you’re trying to decide on a place, feel free to text me if you have any questions.

Eight Settlers: Located right at the mouth of the Canyon, locally blended Ragtown Whiskey and great food. Located adjacent to the Courtyard Marriott.

La Caille: Also located at the mouth of the Canyon. Higher end dining with nice ambience

Porcupine grill: Fun Apres Ski pub and grill, at the mouth of the canyon

Franck’s: Unpretentious award winning cuisine at the mouth of the canyon

Pretty Bird: Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwiches with location downtown and in the Sugarhouse area.

Whiskey Street: Located in Downtown SLC, this place has the largest selection of Scotch in the City.

White Horse: Located in Downtown SLC. Great food and great spirits

Finca: Spanish-style tapas in the 15th and 15th neighborhood

Wasatch Brew Pub: Sample local brews in the Sugarhouse Area

Squatters: Craft beers in the downtown area

Harbor Seafood: Neighborhood Seafood and steak restaurant

Mumbai House: (formerly Bombay House) Sikh-run Indian food in building that clearly used to be an outback steakhouse.

Himalayan Kitchen: Indian and Nepalese food downtown

McDonald’s: Irish-German fusion cuisine from Master Chef Ronáld features hamburger sandwiches, pommes frites, and nuggets de poulet. Has a children’s menu as well.